The importance of plastic parts design cannot be overstated.  There are numerous considerations that affect the cost, quality and performance of a plastic part – and those considerations need to be carefully thought-through at the design phase of a new product, before investing substantial sums in tooling, pilot production and assembly.

Most importantly, material selection impacts thermal performance, dimensional stability, cost, structural strength and molding cycle time.  Mechanical design has an affect on the productivity and ease of subsequent assembly operations.  How the part is designed has a great impact on the part’s cosmetic appeal.  Finally, sound design discipline improves the product’s time-to-market by avoiding the delays associated with time-and-money wasting tooling adjustments common with poor designs.

Longterm’s highly experienced engineering team has been assisting clients in assuring that all of these design considerations are optimized before tooling is committed.  This collaborative design effort assures the optimal combination of part performance, cosmetic appearance, part quality, functionality and cost for the part