Lost core injection molding is a wildely application for the mold supplier in China.

The basic principle of lost core injection molding is to use a low melting alloy to cast a lost core.


And then put the lost core as an insert into the mold for injection molding.
After cooling, remove the core from the cavity. We can take it out and heat it to melt the core to form a hollow product.
When plastic parts that are difficult to be demolded from injection molding structures, such as automotive oil pipes and intake and exhaust manifolds.
These parts have complex shapes of hollow products, so lost core injection molding can be used.
The process of lost core injection technology is as follows:
Die Casting the core with low melting point metal → put it into the mold for injection → take out the part with the core → heat-melt the core → clean the part → product.
At present, this technology has only accumulated some experience in PA66.
Preliminary experimental research shows that PA6, PBT, PET, PPO, etc. are also suitable for lost core injection molding.
Low melting point alloys such as Sn-Bi and Sn-Pb . The melting core is generally heated by oil and induction coil.
Advantages of lost core injection molding:
1. It is especially suitable for the production of composite materials with complex shapes, hollow and not suitable for machining.
2. The internal dimensions of the hollow plastic parts are accurate and the surface is smooth. The ordinary methods is very difficult to do it .
3. Compared with blow molding and gas-assisted injection molding, although it is necessary to increase the equipment for casting fusible cores and the equipment for melting cores. The existing injection molding machines is ok and the freedom of molding is greater.
Matters needing attention in the core injection molding process:
1. The core must not melt during injection of plastic parts.
2. The metal melt used as the core and the medium used to melt the core will not corrode the plastic.
3. At the temperature of the molten core, the part will not deform.
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